Jam Chowder is a brotherhood drawn together by an intense love for music across multiple genres bound by a common aesthetic. We take elements of rock, blues, jazz, country, funk, and psychedelia and toss them into one giant melting pot.   Then we add some spice, mix it up, bring it all to a slow simmer, and just simply call it Jam Chowder.   
In spite of the fact that we lead full and busy lives, we've been able to keep music front and center.   Besides music we pursue numerous other passions - motorcycling, boating, photography, automobiles, family, pets, travel, cooking, reading, motorcycles, spending time with our better halves, and making new friends.   Hope to count you among them soon if you aren't one already!   Check out our individual bios below to get to know the gang befter!



PRIOR BANDS - Roadhouse Rockets, Stonefly, The Sud Brothers, The B-sides, Last Call, Entity, The Experience, Funhole, Tundra, The Trip, Bullfrog, Blue Collar, Slim Hippo

INFLUENCES - Strongest influences have been my past and present bandmates and co-conspirators (you all know who you are so we won't do an Oscar night-worthy listing).   Without this collective group of musician friends I've been blessed to know, I would still be playing in front of a mirror imagining I'm Jimi Hendrix.   Now I get to do that in front of others - some of whom actually indulge and encourage me.   I would be remiss without one special shout out to Tim Barry, a veritable Kevin Bacon of the shoreline music scene.   Without Tim I would not have gotten to know so many of the talented mofos from the local scene.   So Brother Tim, no one casts a bigger and friendlier shadow than you - many thanks for your musical kinship and generosity.  

GEAR - Guitars: '70 Gibson SG Special faded cherry, '72 Gibson ES-335 walnut, '74 Fender Stratocaster olympic white , ‘74-75 Fender Telecaster Custom black, ‘92 PRS Custom 24 sunburst, ’95 Fender Telecaster butterscotch blonde ‘52 reissue, ’01 Gibson Les Paul ’57 Heritage reissue Goldtop LPR-7, Fender Custom Shop olympic white '60 reissue Stratocaster, Cherry Red Fender Squire  'Esprit' (Robben Ford model); Fender Made In Japan Telecaster w/B-bender in Lake Placid Blue; Daisy Rock 12-string in pearlescent white; Amps: '64 Fender Band Master, '67 Fender Super Reverb, '74 Fender Deluxe (black-faced), '79 Fender Vibroluxe (black-faced), '65 Gibson Ranger 2x12 50w; Effect Pedals: Analog Man 'King of Tone', J. Rockett Jeff Beck Archer overdrive; Zen Drive,  Marshall Guv'nor (made in England), RMC wah-wah, Analog Man Bi-Comprossor, MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, Neo Ventilator II Leslie simulator , TC ELectronics chorus, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay (original), Fulltone Deja Vibe 'univibe style', Analog Man Sunface NKT distortion, Flip VT-X tube tremolo, Boss Tremolo with Keeley mod, Electro Harmonix Micro-Pog octave, Trutron 3X Mutron pedal, Boss T-Wah envelope filter (made in Japan), Boss Chorus CE-2 (made in Japan),  Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah Wah, Boss DD-6 Digital Delay, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 with Keeley mod; Boss Tuners.  

BEST CONCERTS - An impossible choice with so many genres I love.   Lucky to have seen so many of the greats

DRINK OF CHOICE - Nice hazy New England IPA 


PET PEEVE - Metro North commuters talking loudly on the phone 


INSTRUMENT - Drums/percussion

PRIOR BANDS - The Reactions, Secondhand Smoke, Muddy Rudders

INFLUENCES - Influence is like a river.   Factors that have affected my boat include music artists such as Jaimo Johanson/Butch Trucks, Mickey Hart/Bill Kreutzman (Dead), Jim Gordon (Derek & the Dominos, Delaney & Bonnie, sessions galore), Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band).   The music of Godspell.  My wife Donna, son Matthew (guitar), daughter Emily (sax/clarinet/flute), father Joseph Eugene (piano), and my band mates have profoundly impacted my music development over the decades.   

GEAR - Too many Gretsch Renown maple kits deployed throughout CT, some Yamaha Custom Shop birch kits, Ludwig composite drums.  Enough Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste cymbals to shade Turkey.


WEIRDEST THING I EVER ATE - Most certainly occurred in China

PET PEEVE - out of tune tom toms

TOM KNAPP - Vocals, Guitar, Sax, Flute, Harp, Washboard, Percussion

JOHN JACKSON - Bass Guitar

INSTRUMENTS - Bass, some guitar, a little violin

PRIOR BANDS - The Mothers' Auxiliary; Hazy Shades / Shade; Stan Hammond Band; Tabor Blues Band

INFLUENCES - Bach, Beethovan, Vivaldi, ee cummings, Poe, Jaco, Cream, Deep Purple, Mahvishnu Orchestra, Dr. John (the night tripper), Yes, Jethro Tull, Paul McCartney, Phil Lesh, Nathan East.

GEAR - 1967 Gibson EB-0, Fender American Vinatge '75 Jazz Bass, Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling, Gamma P-15, Squire Jaguar Bass, Squire Telecaster, Dean Accoustic/Electric. David Eden WT 400, Markbass Little Mark Tube 800, Hartke 2500, SWR Little Goliath 2x10, David Eden XLT 410 

BEST CONCERT - 1969 Newport Jazz Festival

DRINK OF CHOICE - Whiskey or craft beer.


PET PEEVE - Closed minds



Matt Pecoraro - Guitar (emeritus member)

RICK COMES - Vocals (emeritus member)

GREG BAKER (emeritus member)

JEFF MEYER (emeritus member - bass)

TED ERVIN (emeritus member - bass)