Jam Chowder is six musicians drawn together by an intense love for music across multiple genres bound by a common aesthetic. We take elements of rock, blues, jazz, country, funk, and psychedelia and toss them into one giant melting pot.   Then we add some spice, mix it up, bring it all to a slow simmer, and just simply call it Jam Chowder.   
In spite of the fact that we lead full and busy lives, we've been able to keep music front and center.   Besides music we pursue numerous other passions -  boating, photography, woodworking, automobiles, family, pets, travel, cooking, reading, motorcycles, spending time with our better halves, and making new friends.   Hope to count you among them soon if you aren't one already!   Check out our individual bios below to get to know the gang befter!


INSTRUMENTS - Lead vocals; harp; shakey things
PRIOR BANDS - The Outhouse Boys; The Sandworms; Secondhand Smoke; The Reactions; The Muddy Rudders
INFLUENCES - How much time ya got?
GEAR - 3rd
BEST CONCERT - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Crystal Lake Ballroom, 1973
DRINK OF CHOICE - Johnny, Black
WEIRDEST THING I EVER ATE - Let's not go there!
PET PEEVE - Don't DARE block my garage door!



PRIOR BANDS - Roadhouse Rockets, Stonefly, The Sud Brothers, The B-sides, Last Call, Entity, The Experience, Funhole, Tundra, The Trip, Bullfrog, Blue Collar, Slim Hippo

INFLUENCES - Strongest influences have been my past and present bandmates and co-conspirators (you all know who you are so we won't do an Oscar night-worthy listing).   Without this collective group of musician friends I've been blessed to know, I would still be playing in front of a mirror imagining I'm Jimi Hendrix.   Now I get to do that in front of others - some of whom actually indulge and encourage me.   I would be remiss without one special shout out to Tim Barry, a veritable Kevin Bacon of the shoreline music scene.   Without Tim I would not have gotten to know so many of the talented mofos from the local scene.   So Brother Tim, no one casts a bigger and friendlier shadow than you - many thanks for your musical kinship and generosity.  

GEAR - Guitars: Gibson ES-335 (vintage 1972), Gibson 'goldtop' Les Paul ('57 heritage reissue), Fender Mustang (vintage 1972), Fender Telecaster ('52 reissue), Fender Stratocaster (custom shop '60 reissue), PRS Custom 24 (1992), Guild T-100D (vintage 1965), Epiphone Casino TD ('61 Anniversary reissue), Fender Squire  'Esprit' (Robben Ford model);  Amps: Fender Super Reverb ('71), Fender Super Reverb ('67), Fender Deluxe ('74); Various effects rotated in and out: Analog Man 'King of Tone', Zen Drive, Wampler Paisley overdrive, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 with Keeley mod, RMC wah-wah, Analog Man Bi-Comprossor, MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, Strymon Lex Leslie simulator , TC ELectronics chorus, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay, Fulltone Deja Vibe 'univibe style', Analog Man Sunface distortion, Flip VT-X tube tremolo, Boss Tremolo with Keeley mod, Electro Harmonix Micro-Pog octave, Trutron 3X Mutron pedal, Boss T-Wah envelope filter.   

BEST CONCERT - Stevie Ray Vaughan at Allen's in Scotia, NY July 24, 1983.    

DRINK OF CHOICE - Any good cold beer in a bottle, preferably an IPA 


PET PEEVE - Metro North commuters talking loudly on the phone 




PRIOR BANDS - Faces of Id, Bionic Bush, Sandworms, Secondhand Smoke

INFLUENCES - Duane Allman, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Dickey Betts, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Don Felder, Santana, Jerry Garcia, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Peter Green, Trey Anastasio, Joe Walsh, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck

GEAR - Gibson SG Derek Trucks model ('61 reissue), Gibson goldtop Les Paul VOS ('57 reissue), Baker Bushwacker, PRS Custom 24, Fender Strat US Standard.  Amp -Eganater Renegade 65 watt head with 2x12" or 4x12" cabinet.   Effects - Morley volume pedal, Dunlop Crybaby wah wah, Maxon AD-9 auto filter, Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor overdrive.

BEST CONCERT - Allman Brothers New Haven early 90s


PET PEEVE - Being late for anything, especially dinner