Greetings from Jam Chowder, the groove-a-licious old school rock band that puts a smile in your ears and a shake in your hips. If you like the Dead, Van Morrison, Little Feat, Allmans, Steely Dan, the Stones, The Meters, Los Lonely Boys, Dr. John, Stevie Wonder, Santana, Creedence, and Jethro Tull, then you'll love the smokin' mix of covers we've cooked up.  

We put the word 'jam' in our name because we aspire to create improvisational excitement on stage and keep it both loose AND tight in all the right places. The idea is to leave enough room to be in the moment, explore new spaces, and create a shared experience with the audience.

That's where you come in. Nothing stokes our passions more than a supportive and dancing crowd. We aim to continually grow our community - one that shares good vibes, good music, and good times together.  So come on down to our next show to hoot and holler with us.  See you at a show soon and if you enter your email below we'll keep you notified of upcoming gigs. Explore the rest of the site and thanks for visiting!